Subject: Re: Whistler

I'd have to say the best meal we've had at Whistler was at the Rimrock Cafe at Whistler Creekside. We both had wild game during our last visit. I thoroughly enjoyed the caribou and my wife swears that the musk ox was better and most likely the best game meat she's ever eaten. Caramba has decent pasta dishes. And Tandoori Grill was acceptable for Indian. Both locate din the Village North. Also in the Village North is a wonderful deli/cheese shop called Pane e Formaggio (which, unfortunately, may have closed since last year). And, finally in the food category, don't miss Cows for ice cream.

We went for the downhill skiing so can't be of any help with the Nordic tracks. One thing that we did enjoy was walking the dogs for the Humane Society. We always miss ours while on vacation and were pleased to discover that the Whistler Valley Humane Society lets vacationers take the dogs out for a couple hours in the afternoon. It's a great way to see the variety of properties available for future trips.

John in San Diego