Subject: Re: Movies
Hello Movie 'Ziner-buffs'

There are far too few scenes of wonderful, scenery in 'Under

the Tuscan Sun' - enough to titillate but not to satisfy. I

felt it was a scenery tease, but I thoroughly enjoyed the snippets.

Wait until the end of'Stealing Beauty' for a magnificent aerial view of Siena. 'Possession' ('poetic', love story) has gorgeous shots of English countryside.'Winged Migration'

gives an awe-inspiring perspective on land andseascapes around

the world.

In my cold weather movie watching at home I've been trying to catch up on new-to-video hits AND balancing this by re- visiting some 'classics'. Isn't perspective amazing? When I saw 'The Graduate' in the 60's I identified with her daughter,

when I viewed it recently I felt closer to Mrs. Robinson. (Just in age of course!) Like Tom Raferty - I ask you not to judge me on my movie views.

Lesley Thawing Out in Toronto