Subject: Re: Movies
Hi Ziners, Some of the classics come to mind for their on-location locales.

Among them are Ghandi, Dr. Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia. They caputre the beauty of the respective countries and the atmosphere of the times. Just watched a hokey mini-series, The Far Pavilions, and while it's not very good, the scenery of what appears to be northern India is magnificent.

Obviously shooting on location, witness Lord of the Rings, does wonders for a local economy. A January 8th article by John Masters in the Toronto Star illustrates this. Hartlepool, England, is home to the Trincomalee, a wooden training ship launched in 1817. It's the same type as the Surprise, used in the movie Master and Commander.

The movie ship itself is a replica of The Rose, built in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, in 1970.

Tie-ins are a fascinating business. Remember the SAS slogan?

Navigators of the World. Since it was flat. These are wonderful teasers for the romance of travel. Lucy, Toronto