Subject: Driving in Italian Cities
We know that many Italian cities prohibit cars in their historic centers, but that exceptions are made for visitors driving to their hotels to leave baggage. Does anyone know whether this also applies to visitors who are staying in rented apartments rather than hotels? We will be doing this at least in Florence and Perugia, and we are wondering whether we would be allowed to unload our belongings at the apartment before going elsewhere to park the car.

We would appreciate any advice, too, on parking near the center of Perugia. We will be staying in an apartment just off the Corso Vanucci. I assume there is parking near the station, but perhaps there is something closer, since the station is some distance away from the center and at the bottom of a steep hill that would make a taxi or bus almost mandatory. Someplace within easier walking distance would be welcome.

Linda and Ron in Fredericksburg, VA (near Washington, DC)