Subject: Re: Original Queen Mary and Eliabeth and other water crossings...
Hi Covadonga I just wanted to add my 2-cents to this discussion. I was very fortunate to have gone on my first trip to Europe - over from New York on the Queen Mary and back from Southampton on the Queen Elizabeth. Although, I was in the super-economy class, I was 17 yrs old and I went with a group on a blitz tour of 5 countries in 9 weeks (As you can see, this was my first awakening to travel!) Anyway, we had such wonderful experiences, from the eating all day and night to dating the Pursers, but my recollections are really of the ship -- it's grandeur, the highly-polished brass railings and the fabulous lounges. Needless to say, we were kids and did not stay put so we had the opportunity to view all classes and staterooms and generally have a wonderful experience. We had no portholes from which to view the ocean and it took a week to sail to and from Europe, but they were experiences I shall never forget.

As for small boats - This is a treat. Anyone wanting to cross Lake Champlain from the New York side to the Vermont side, might consider crossing at Ticonderoga. (There are other crossing points as well) Here, there is the one remaining cable ferry left in America. It is tiny and will take you to Orwell, Vermont. The way to get the attention of the Captain is to pull on a cement block and this, in turn, will signal that you need service. It is a fabulous, short run and the Captain (at least when we went) resembles Santa Claus - complete with flowing white beard!!! You can see the steel cable until is submerges - It's truly amazing!!!

All the best to everyone from thawing New England. Susie Newton, MA