Subject: Re: Driving in Italian Cities

restrictions applied to historical centres in Italy can be divided into two main categories: total exclusion (pedestrian area) and residents only. If you have proof you're going to stay inside a resident-only zone, the traffic police (in Italian Polizia Municipale a.k.a. Vigili Urbani) will usually allow you into the restricted area to unload/load your baggage, but you'd need a special permit for parking (I remember a hotel in Ferrara had some permits for guests ). if the area is closed to all traffic (like Piazza di Spagna in Rome or Piazza della Signoria in Firenze) you won't be allowed to drive into it because of pedestrians and you'll have to haul your baggage from the closest open street. As it often happens in Italy, some officers are more sensitive to tourist's needs and they close an eye about enforcing the law, while others could be less indulgent. Don't try to bribe anybody, it's a capital offense, and don't bother explaining your situation to Polizia or Carabinieri, as they aren't in charge of traffic restrictions. For Perugia you can check this page: It's in Italian but it has a map with the locations of all sites.

And just another notice for you foreign motorists: be advised most gas stations aren't accepting credit cards anymore, because of the high charges requested by credit card companies, so be sure you have the cash you need before filling up.

Hope this helps. Bye

Paolo Trieste, Italy