Subject: Re: airline entertainment
Hi Adam and other long-trippers,

Since I fly 13-15 hrs at least twice a year, I've gotten to the point now of looking for deals only on the airlines that have individual tv screens so that I do have a choice of movies. I go to theatres no more than once a year (if that) and...inevitably the airline big-screen will show that one movie that I saw in a theatre.

As others have said - the walk-arounds are a must. I actually offer a bit of entertainment to fellow passengers who are awake by doing some tai-chi stretches in the area around the washrooms (but - only when most are asleep)!

For me a laptop computer (with an extra battery), to write those long-neglected letters to friends and family (as well as get a bit of work done), and a non-business book that I've been dying to read but haven't had the time are my best 'companions'.

Have a good flight and a wonderful trip!

Cheers! Judy in HK