Subject: Re: Movies
Hello, Ziners:

After admitting I have strange tastes in movies, I'll also fess up to enjoying the search for the settings for some of my faves.

Medicine Man, filmed near Lake Catemaco near Vera Cruz in Mexico, wasn't too hard to figure out. It's a fine area for exploration in any case, especially for La Noche de las Brujas in March. I especially love the lake-side grotto where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared.

The abbey in Name of the Rose (also a Seanflick) has been much more difficult to trace, altho I haven't given up. I suspect I'll find it when I do that pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela that's on my short list.

I'm also still trying for the exact locale from Priscilla Queen of the Desert, where the bus is flying along against a visual backdrop of red desert & an audio backdrop of opera. You know, the scene with the giant sequined woman's shoe atop the bus?

I'd love to visit that stunning waterfall, filmed in North Carolina maybe, from Last of the Mohicans.

Another evocative place, for me, the camp enthusiast anyway, is the site of Bill Murray's 1979 classic summer camp movie, Meatballs.

The movie was as stark as the setting, but I enjoyed Black Robe anyway. I don't know that I'd willingly seek out the movie site in winter, however!

And sometimes it's an unexpected discovery: as I walked out of the last bend of the suq into Petra, Jordan, I realized the last scene from Indiana Jones' Last Crusade was shot right there!

Gail In Eugene but never for long