Subject: Sicilian queries
Hi Ziners:

Once again we are going to Italy on one Alitalia's winter specials. (Although they are not nearly so good as they were three years ago). We will be in Rome for 5 days and then we are thinking about heading out on our own for 4 daus in Sicily. We were in Rome two years ago, but we were only there for three days and didn't really do it justice. We have traveled quite a bit through Umbria and Tuscany, but never to Sicily.

We were thinking of taking the train one way and then returning on one of those inexpensive air lines that have been mentioned on the Zine.

As we will be without a car, we want to stay in one place in Sicily. Bob is a historian so we tend to visit Duomos, museums, cathedrals etc. We also love to eat Italian food and wine and our days are planned around restaurants we want to visit.

I haven't done much research as yet, but it seems likely that we will head for either Palermo or Catania. Unfortunately, I'm getting the impression that Palermo is ugly and not particularly safe, but with many worthwhile historical sights and that Catania is more beautiful, but less interesting.

I would appreciate any suggestions and/or recommendations on: travel between Rome and Sicily; things to see; restaurants; accomodation etc.

Thanks in advance.

Penny Sheehan-Augustine Freezing in Sunny Toronto