Subject: Re: First time overseas will visit Italy and England
Hi Cindy,

Are you on a budget? I ask because if so, you might rethink your itinerary. Getting to the UK from Italy will add to your costs. In addition, London is notorious for high prices, particularly for accommodation. That being said, the major museums are free. Paris is cheaper and has some wonderful art and some gems such as Sainte-Chapelle. You can take a fast train to Chartres.

Italy is fabulous and would easily repay spending your whole time there. Be sure to include Pisa. I thought that it was going to be kitschy but the beautiful white buildings in the green lawn was absolutely breathtaking. Siena is lovely with a wonderful main square (campo) and a cathedral with engraved floors. The smaller hill towns are worthwhile too.

How do you plan to travel? Trains work well - especially for larger centres. Let us know your type of accommodation and we'll be able to give you more suggestions.

Frances Toronto, Canada