Subject: Re: Mexico on the cheap!
Hello Frances, Thank you so much for sharing your son-in-law's e-messages from Mexico. I really enjoyed reading them especially as I have been to some of the places he visited. However, I have not traveled quite the way he did but would love to give it a try. i.e. have flown into Mexico City and then bused to other areas 4-6 driving hours away...and taken the Copper Canyon train ride. Now sure how long he stayed in Mexico but had the impression it was a short amount of time. I would prefer to spend several weeks traveling from place to place. I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind? How old is your son-in-law? Somehow I have the impression he is much younger than my 61 years...He also referred to his travel book and I would be very interested to know which book/resource he was using...thanks again. Best regards, Margo in cold but beautiful Western NC