Subject: Re: Yucatan, Mexico
Hello John Rule, Marguerite in Chicagoland and other Ziners; Thank you John and Marguerite for you responses to my previous post about the Yucatan.

We are booked for 2 weeks in February. Think we have finally decided to rent a car for the 2 weeks.

Since we will be arriving in Cancun about 5 p.m. we thought we would take the bus from the airport and stay downtown for the first night. Apparently there is a new bus service from airport to downtown bus terminal which sounds good.

Then we thought we could pick up our rental car the next morning in the Hotel Zone instead of paying the high fees for airport rental (almost $100 U.S. extra).

We will go to Merida, which we will use as a base for the next 4 or 5 days. We will then head back to Chichen Itza and Valladolid, Coba,and Tulum. Spending the last few days relaxing on the beach before heading home.

We have not decided between going to Celestun or Rio Lagartos to see the flamingos. I think I read somewhere that at that time of the year the flamingos will be at Rio Lagartos nesting and that they only go to Celestun later in the summer. Does any one know if this is true, or are there colonies of flamingos at both places all the time?

Also, would you have any recommendations for a budget hotel along the east coast for our last few nights of relaxation. My husband likes to snorkel and I like lying on the beach preferably under shade with a good book.

Thanks for any help. Pauline in cold southern Ontario