Subject: Re: First time overseas will visit Italy and England
Cynthia and all,

Italy was my first European vacation, and I depended totally on the trains with little problem. I flew into Milan and proceeded to get on the wrong train out to Padua. The conducter was so nice and helpful in telling me which train to catch to go the right way.

Speaking of Padua - that's where I stayed instead of Venice. It was the perfect place to get my bearings and practice my Italian and just a short train ride to Venice. (I am one of the few people who were less than enthused with Venice.) I then took the train to Florence and Assissi (where I met a couple who lived in the town next to mine and worked across the street from me in the loop.) You might not see as much as from a car, but you do see some of the countryside and can just relax.

I then swung around to Rome, Sorrento and back up to Pisa. My niece took the train from Milan to Rome to meet me there - In Naples, we got off at the wrong station and that conductor walked us over to the train to take back and told them not to charge us.

Marguerite in Chicagoland