Subject: Palermo, Sicily
Hello Penny My vote would go to Palermo, for both its art treasures and the delicious food. Siracusa and Agrigento are also good choices, but a bit hard for sightseeing without a car. You already got a lot of very good advice about Sicily, so there's nothing to be added from me, except some practical informations. Both Palermo and Catania are large cities and tourist destinations, therefore caution must be always in your mind. Even if Sicily is the homeland of historical Mafia, you won't see it around. The major trouble comes as usual from petty street crime (theft, purse- snatching, break-ins, scams). Violent crimes are extremely rare. As usual, basic prevention works fine there and everywhere. Not every people approching you on the streets are thieves or scammers, some are just vendors or horsedrawn-carriage drivers; you need to be alert but not paranoid (well, maybe only a bit). You can always ask the hotel people if there are areas to avoid or times of the day unsuitable for walking around. About low cost air company, try , flying from Rome to both Palermo and Catania

Bye Paolo Trieste, Italy