Subject: Re: Travel Deal to Paris in February
Hi Paul,

I think you need to shop around as well as ask some questions first before deciding if it's a good deal or not. It might be an excellent deal or it might not be.

Here's some things you need to consider........

Flights: Go to sites like Orbitz, travelocity, Expedia as well as AA, UA, CO, etc. and price the airfare from Seattle to Paris.

February is low tourist season so airfare is cheap. Remember to consider factors that with Go-Today, you have to purchase separate air from Seattle to NJ and if anything goes wrong with your connection, they can't be held responsible if you miss their flight (therefore the issue of buying insurance or flying extra early comes into play). Also, will you get FF miles for all that flying? It's probably about 12,000 miles total for you.

Hotels: Did Go-Today say what kind of accomodations and where?

A 2 star chain hotel out in the burbs as opposed to a charming 2 or 3 star in central Paris will make a big difference in your enjoyment. Will you be alone or traveling with someone? The cost of the rooms varies little whether it's occupied by one or two people. If you're traveling w/ someone, your $730. deal has just become $1460. There are many lovely 2 star hotels in Paris that you can get for $100. a night with breakfast. (maybe even a little less?).

Also, check with the airlines vacations centers. Last year I met a woman in Paris who got a package deal (from NY) from AA which included air, 5 nights hotel, breakfast, airport transfers for about $700.00. This was in June (peak season) and she got all her AA miles. Also, she traveled alone - many of these deals are based on double occupancy.

It sounds like a good deal, but do your homework first.

Candice NYC