Subject: Re: Inexpensive Hotels in Paris
Hi Paul,

Try Jack-Travel, a site maintained by a Belgian.

I would suggest the 5th arrondissement. Great Parisian atmosphere.

Some years ago I stayed at the Grand Hotel Leveque, a Rick Steves'

favorite. Looks like a lot available at this point. You might get more for your money in a less popular hotel though. Also restaurants are a little pricier in the 7th arrondissement. Nice yuppified market on Rue Cler (actually, it *is* nice but compared to other street markets, it is rather gentrified.) This area is near the Eiffel Tower but away from the most interesting tourist destinations.

We stayed near Bastille on Rue du Lyon a couple of years ago. We had a studio apartment - you might consider that if you were staying for 7 days or more. Reasonably priced, reasonably priced restaurants nearby and you can shop at the market or buy your pain chocolat at the bakery around the corner.

I thought of the Castex in the Marais. It again is a Rick Steves' favorite (see Jack's description) but good location in the 5th but the price has gone up considerably.

Frances Toronto, Canada