Subject: Re: Travel Deal to Paris in February
Hi Paul,

I agree with Candice that it may be a good deal, but I would do some more checking. There's been quite a few offers from alot of carriers and vendors (Gate1, Virgin, Travelzoo, etc.) for Paris in the winter - really reasonable (and sometimes downright cheap!) - that I would check other sites to get a comparison.

Also, ditto on checking out the hotels included. There are quite a few really nice 2* and 3* hotels that are in good areas for seeing Paris and also offer breakfast (often not the greatest, but at least you start out with a cup of coffee or tea!).

Although some of the others fly out of JFK, you may do as well (or better) on your Seattle to NY flight going into JFK.

Paris any time of year is the best.

Regards, Vanessa