Subject: : Re: First time overseas, visit Italy and England.

No problem bringing back wine to the US. Your worst case scenerio is that you might have to pay a little duty on any that is over the limit. I honestly forget what the limit is......I think about 4 bottles. However, the last time I arrived from France and filled out the customs forms, they asked for total amount and didn't ask specifically about alcohol. Since I brought in less than $800. worth, there was nothing to pay. Total duty-free allowance is $800.

BTW, I would highly recommend being honest with customs. If you're caught cheating, not only will you have to pay a big fine, but your passport will be flagged and you'll probably be hassled everytime you make a trip. Last year, I declared $700. (when the limit was still only $400) and the inspector thought I was lying. She then went though every single receipt, added them all up and found that I indeed made a mistake. I had only bought $600., therefore, I owed *less* to the US Govt in duty. I politely thanked her for saving me money and ruined her day!

Candice NYC