Subject: Re: Hotel Parlamento, Rome
Hi Debbie,

I've been searching through the archives for various bits and pieces to help my Mum and Dad plan their European trip in April 2004, and I noticed your enquiry back in January 2003 about the Hotel Parlamento in Rome.

My sister originally recommended the Hotel Marcus in Rome as she had stayed there quite happily on two separate occasions. But on the TripAdviser web site the Hotel Marcus was given a number of scathing reviews. She will be calling them for us directly to ask them about the complaints, but in the meantime I started to investigate alternatives and an option I came across was Hotel Parlamento in Rome.

Then I found your Travelzine post regarding the same hotel. I noticed via the web archives that you don't appear to have received any replies via TheTravelzine, and I was wondering if you ended up staying there or not, and if so, what your impressions were? (If they were favourable then it would be great as it is in a similar area to Hotel Marcus and the price range is affordable...)

Also, I remember reading and enjoying a number of your travel articles on the web in the past - as Mum and Dad are still researching aspects of their trip in Tuscany including an overnight stay in Siena, I was wondering if there is a web site where all of your writings are archived in one place that I could read through? :) Megan Brisbane, Australia