Subject: Re: Left Bank St. Germain hotel in Paris
Hi Susie,

Thanks for the personal recommendation for theHOtel Left Bank St. Germain. As I said, I've been in the lobby but never saw the rooms, glad to know that you like the place. Double sinks in Paris is quite an unusual treat! Are the rooms pretty? When I go to Paris alone I stay with friends in the 16th, but when I go with my husband we stay in a hotel in the 6th, generally in the same area as Left Bank St. Germain. I walk by it when going to one of our favorite restaurants Allard.

Like you, I book hotels with convenient cancellation policy's. It's one of the reasons I never use internet booking services.

Someone posted that their favorite hotel in Paris was centrally located, clean & within walking distance to the metro. Well, I hope this doesn't come out the wrong way.......but.... that describes about 75% of the hotels in Paris. My point being that there are many great choices of hotels (and metro stops and attractions) in Paris. That's probably why so many like it so much. It's simply an easy city to be in.

Candice NYC