Subject: Re: Customs

Another voice chirping in to come clean with Customs. Almost ten years ago, I spent a year in France as an exchange student, and was bringing back more than $400 (the limit). Since I wasn't sure how to value clothes I had bought and worn, when I landed in the US, I asked the immigration agent how to handle them. He asked me to wait a second, he needed to make a call. He called a customs agent to tell them someone ahead of me was someone to check out thoroughly; that the person had claimed nothing to declare and the circumstance suggested otherwise. He then sent me onto customs who told me to give a value to my clothes. I did; they accepted my word (I don't remember my luggage being searched); they charged me around $50, and I went on out to meet my family. It took very little time. I have often wondered what happened to the traveler who needed special attention.

P. Miller N.Fla