Subject: Agriturismo in Italy
Hi Folks,

We're currently researching our accomodation options for our upcoming trip to Italy in April. Since this is a pseudo last minute thing for us, it's not a trip we've been planning (and therefore, budgeting for) for a long time. In essence, we need to do this on a budget, not on the cheap, but certainly not in superior or first class hotels.

One of the accommodation options that we're exploring is the Agriturismo websites for Italy. They also seem to pop up here and there in various travelogues. So what to Ziner's think? Are these a good thing? Bad Thing? Are there certain ones that Ziners have stayed at that you can particularly recommend? The prices certainly seem right, and we are planning to do a mix of train and car rental for our transportation. We're basically looking for clean, comfortable accomodations, in 'safe' locales. The other consideration is that my wife has enivornmental allergies, particularly to molds, and the notion of farm-house accomodations raises the spectre of this being a problem, especially in the Spring when things tend to be 'damp' after the winter months.

Your advice as always is most welcome. Also, since well be travelling around from about April 16 to the 27th (we leave on the morning of the 28th), are there any Italian Ziners up for a GTG?

John in Hamilton, ON