Subject: Re: Agriturismo in Italy
Personally, we LOVE the range of choices and the budget stretching

possibilities that Agriturismo offers in Italy. There are a lot of 'brokers' who can help you locate the right property for you. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well, it's important to let this broker know every restriction or necessity that is ESSENTIAL to your comfort/safety. If you have an elderly person or impaired for any reason, let them know. If you require parking for a vehicle, give them as much detail about he vehicle as possible. Only this way will the company be able to taylor your needs to their properties. It also gives you grounds for seeking an adjustment or refund, if the property has qualities that make it undesirable or unsuitable for your needs.

Usually these varied units (apartments, farm houses, villas and even castles) rent by the week with a check in on Saturday afternoon. Any variation from this schedule usually carries an extra cost. One special word of warning. Make sure you get a detailed and understandable map to the unit before you depart, and make extra sure that you arrive BEFORE nightfall. Usually these properties are down the road to the right after the water tower by the gas station. Trying to find these roads and turnoffs at night can be impossible.

Now, after mentioning all the negatives, let us tell you why it's our preferred form of lodging. First is value. For the price of 2 or 3 rooms at a 4 star hotel for one night, you can lodge a family of 6 in an apartment or house for a week. And, because most of these properties include a kitchen, 1 or 2 meals a day can be prepared 'at home', dramatically reducing the costs and even saving you time. Besides, part of really experiencing the cultural differences of a country is often found in their markets and stores. Shopping for the meals, and experiencing the outstanding produce of Italy is a treat in itself. If you say, I'm on vacation, and I don't want to cook! many of these facilities can include a cook in the price, and you will still save a bundle of money, and even more time. Lastly, any hotel or motel is an artificial experience, while living in the 'economy' or in the country, will get you closer to the REAL Italy that tourist rarely see. But, it's essential that you match your needs to the properties assets.

Hope that this has been helpful,

Roy, Wanda & Dena Faires Sacramento CA