Subject: Choosing a hotel by location Was: Hotel in Rome
Hi Jim, Kathleen and Ziners,

I was interested in your comments about central locations of hotels. We stayed in a nice hotel in Naples, but the same thing - we couldn't go back to our room for a respite without a longish journey. Since I was bothered by jet lag, it was even worse than it might be. I like staying in the historic core of a city, even though the accommodation I can afford there isn't as nice as my money would buy further out. Next time, we will opt for a more central hotel, especially when jet lag is a problem.

Other issues - food and services. If you are in too swanky a neighbourhood, you may not be able to find lower priced options. We stayed near Bastille in Paris and it was great for reasonably priced bistrots aimed at locals, not dollar-carrying tourists. And services - when we stayed in London at the Travel Inn at County Hall, there wasn't a laundromat nearby. We stayed centrally in Malta (Valletta is the capital) but we didn't see any laundry facilities in the centre (hand washing again!). There was a launderette in the more touristy town across the harbour. On the other hand, transportation was great - the bus depot was just outside the gates. In Bruges, services were in the newer part of the town (may have been something near the train station). In London, at our first B& B, we were near Paddington and Lancaster Gate. Lots of smaller restaurants, pubs, facilities, reasonable transport.

So how does this translate by destination? Suggestions, comments?

Frances Toronto, Canada