Subject: Re: Hotel in Rome
Hello Ziners,

In regard to the question about the Hotel Parlamento, I can simply say that I have recently contacted them about staying there for my ninth trip to Rome. I stayed there during my eighth trip and enjoyed it very much. I know there was one bad review on the first page of reviews in Trip Advisor, but I can only guess that anyone can have a bad day or be rubbed the wrong way. I thought the staff was excellent. They helped with reservations, bus routes, and more.

Also the hotel is only a half block from Piazza San Silvestre, where a number of different buses arrive and depart. The farthest I had to walk to find a bus to take me where I wanted to go was another half block from there.

It is very near the Spanish steps. I know this neighborhood fairly well, and since I most often travel alone and am past the magic age of 60, this is important to me.

Wherever they stay, I hope your parents enjoy my favorite city to visit.

Ciao, Joan from Illinois