Subject: Italy , England & customs & accomodations/agriturismo
Hello all,

Thank you again for all of the valuable information. I just wanted to note that I have ALWAYS planned to be perfectly honest with customs, (I certainly would not want to ruin what could be one of the best times of my life with a hefty fine, a long wait and who knows what other trouble). I was just uncertain as to the limitations and I if possible would prefer to mail my items home as I am flying on Ryan air to and from Italy and the weight restrictions are very limited and I would as much as I love wine prefer not to lug those bottles around. Does anyone know whether mailing those items home is possible, as long as I declare the purchases and show the recipts?

I am, as it is having to be very cautious with packing as I usually do not travel light, which is quite ridiculous as I never usually end up wearing all I take with me.

I was also curious about the different agencies that offer the agriturismo option. Could anyone reccomend a reputable agency?

Regards, Cindy