Subject: Customs
Hi, Ziners,

Carrie's story about customs and oranges reminded me of our arrival in New Zealand in December 1998.

I had kept mandarin oranges in my backpack and we had eaten them all before landing in Auckland. Nonetheless, the Kiwi beagles (who were really cute) swarmed me, jumping up and creating quite a spectacle. Some of the passengers may have thought I was a drug smuggler (as opposed to a potential food smuggler) but the customs fellow seemed to know right away. His first words were, You've had food like oranges in your backpack,

haven't you.

Apparently beagles are ideal for airport duty as they were bred to sniff, are not intimidating (more like Snoopy from the Charlie Brown comic), and are small enough to maneuver in a crowd. I've been to quite a few airports but had never noticed them before.

Cheers, Pat Kiwi trip photos: