Subject: New members in Puerto Rico
Welcome Luis and Marilin!

Dear Don and Linda:

My wife and I have been traveling to Europe for six weeks every spring for the past six years, ever since we both retired. We are now in our late fifties and plan to keep travelling as long as we are healthy. We always lease a car and have driven extensively through France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

This year we will be visiting Belgium, Luxembourg, a couple of places in Germany and the eastern part of France. Through our travels we have developed an interest in the Middle Ages and will go out of our way to visit a town, a church or a castle.

We both speak fluent Spanish and English and my wife reads some French, and have found this has helped us a lot in our travels.

We would like to join your group to hear about and learn from the experiences of other people.

Best regards, Luis and Marilin Guaynabo, Puerto Rico