Subject: Re: Thailand expert please stand up
Hi Rosemary, I'm not the tour guide you mentioned but have been to Thailand many times. What sort of info would you like?

There's a wonderful B& B in Chiang Mai (the house itself is new but modelled after a traditional Thai house by the same architect who designed the famous Regent Hotel in Chiang Mai and the owner is a fascinating fellow - son of former Chiang Mai governor).

We also loved a beautiful eco-resort just north of Chiang Rai near the golden triangle. The name and info is on my computer at work - can find it for you if you like.

Lots to see and experience in Bangkok - what do you need to know? Ayuthaya, an ancient capital, is a quick bus ride north from Bangkok as well - very worthwhile day's excursion. If you are interested in relatively recent history - I also recommend Kanchanaburi (on the River Kwai) - reachable from Bangkok (probably best to stay one night in order to have time to explore the area.

Happy to answer specific questions about Thailand - it's a wonderful part of this region.

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Judy in Hong Kong