Subject: Cherry Court Hotel and London hotels and neighbourhoods
Hi Audrey,

Here's the specific URL for the Tripadvisor reviews of the Cherry Court Hotel. There are a couple of user reviews and three web comments.

I would think about where you want to be. Some areas of any big city are rather empty at night or have huge roads and monumental buildings. For example, there's no advantage to my mind in being near Buckingham

Palace! Give us an idea of your price range, how long you will be there, whether you would consider sharing a bathroom and toilet, must sees.

In recent years, I have stayed in Bloomsbury (Cartwright Gardens),

London County Hall (South Bank opposite Big Ben), near Paddington and Lancaster Gate (the far side of Hyde Park, actually). I have stayed near Victoria and elsewhere. Each has advantages. See this review of neighbourhoods: I liked Bloomsbury best, overall. Sussex Gardens area was good too.

As far as timing, May or even earlier would be great. Spring comes earlier in Britain and it is a welcome break from Montreal weather! I like London in the spring. For historical weather in London, see the Washington Post Historical

Weather Database: As you can see, September is warmer. You can compare it to Montreal.

You might like to look at the length of the day (sunrise, sunset times):

Frances Toronto, Canada