Subject: Back from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay
Hi Ziners:

We spent 6 weeks between Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

The dollar goes a long way in Argentina and Uruguay, but less in Chile. Also Americans pay a $100 dollars visitor's fee to get into Chile, while there are no fees at all to enter Uruguay and Argentina.

The highlight of our trip was the Lake Crossing, for $160 USD per person we left Bariloche, Argentina in a Catamaran, and after sailing in three different Catamarans in a same number of lakes ( between lakes they took us by bus) we were left at the door of our Hotel in Puerto Varas, Chile. A couple of persons waived the bus rides and rode instead their bicycles. See

To enjoy this trip it should only be done during a nice day with good visibility. We stayed put in Bariloche till the right day came along. It was worth it, the lakes , the snowed volcanos, the Andes, and the green forests are absolutely superb.

We had lunch in Peulla, Chile in the middle of the crossing in a big lodge. The pre set menu is extra. Because it was Chile it was not cheap for South American, 42 dollars for two with wine, main course was grilled salmon. In Peulla we had three hours of free time to wonder around in the nearby forest.

In Bariloche it is a different story , as an example in the restaurant, El Boliche de Alberto, a filet mignon done to perfection is $4 dollars.

One thing I disliked in Puerto Varas, Chile is that taxis tend to overcharge. It is not a big deal but it is the attitude I didn't care for. We proceed to have a great time in Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay and in Buenos Aires.

Graziella in Miami Beach.