Subject: Re: Back from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay
HI Graziella,

Welcome back and thanks for the report. It sounds like you went with an organized tour. If so, could you share the name? It sounds like the kind of trip best done with a guide.

I've been to both Punte del Este and Buenos Aires and would go back to both because we liked them so much. We were in Buenos Aires

before their economy collpsed - about 12 years ago. At that time it was an extremely safe city to visit, with little street hassles. Did you find it the same now?

BTW, food prices: Since Argentina is a beef raising country, I had an incredible steak at one of most chic restaurants in B.A. for about $9.00 while my husband's chicken was $27.00!

I'd love to hear more details about the trip if you have the time to post them.

Candice NYC