Subject: Bringing Back Wines
Hey Cindy,

On my last few trips to Itlay, I decided that it was worth more to me to use my alcohol allowance to bring back grappa, vin santo, and limoncello than wines. I can buy a variety of Italian wines at home, although not from the small vineyards (we buy and drink those there), but it's difficult to get a variety of these other beverages

at home. There's usually only one brand available, and at a price way to high compared to what they are in Italy. It seems it's much harder and more expensive to export these others, due to their

higher alcohol content. The wine prices, however, aren't so inflated.

So, if I had to limit myself due to customs, weight and space in my bags, I would choose things which are harder to get at home.

Just a thought, Kristy S.F.