Subject: Re: Back from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay
Hi Candice, Not exactly, I guess you couldn't call it an organized tour. This is the way it goes:

To do the lake Crossing you simply buy a ticket..

The ticket includes all the synchronized rides on buses, mini buses, and catamarans and the services of guides that show up in each bus and in each catamaran.

We bought the ticket in a travel agency called: Catedral Turismo in Bariloche,

As I said we patiently waited in Bariloche for a good weather forecast, and only then bought the tickets.

>From Puerto Varas, Chile we came back to Bariloche by bus. We bought the bus tickets at Cruz del Sur, San Francisco 1317, Phone 233008. The cost of the ticket is us$15 per person. Go to ( now I got it right thanks to Covadonga : -) and you will see the itinerary and all that you get for the $160 dollars ticket.

In Chile we stayed in Puerto Varas, at the Hotel Cabañas del Lago. Room had great view over the lake and the Osorno Volcano. Food in the fancy hotel restaurant was however very bad. Fish was systematically overcooked...¡

>From P.Varas we went to Puerto Montt using the popular vans that link both cities, fare $1 dollar. We liked very much the AngelmoFish Market and had a very good fish and sea food lunch in one of the Palafritos, popular restaurants built on the water.

Also went by bus to Isla Chiloe on our own. But I think it would have been better to visit the island, which is huge, with an organized tour. Very pictoresque. We had a very good lunch at El Cangrejito,restaurant in Acnud one of the cities of Isla Chiloe.

In Bariloche we stayed in my daughter´s house in the Llao Llao area, and one day in downtown. We were delighted with Hotel Tres Reyes, $50 for a double including the best breakfast ever. Eggs made to order, and all rolls, croissants and breads are home made. Hotel has a charming little bar and lots of antiques in public areas. Warning, only the recently renovated rooms are ok, soon they told me all rooms will be renovated. The Tres Reyes is an 80 room hotel, located by the lake in the center of Bariloche.

In Buenos Aires, we used the Hotel Argenta Towers, a very nice four stars.

In Punta we stayed in a private house, but in Montevideo we stayed in the Beltmont House Hotel a very nice boutique hotel. Highly recommendable.

As you probably know Buenos Aires is no longer as safe as it was twelve years ago when you were there but although one must be alert, and take always radio taxis versus regular ones it is still a very nice place to visit. In my opinion Buenos AIres is as safe as any other big city. Everything is very, very inexpensive because of the prevailing exchange. Same thing happens in Uruguay, except in Punta del Este where during High Season prices rise. In spite of this it is also a reasonable town. Ask me any question you might have I shall be most than pleased to answer them.

Graziella, Miami Beach