Subject: Re: Bringing Back Wines
Hello 'ziners.

Kristi klevannelli mentioned using her allowance to bring back various Italian wine and spirit specialties, including Grappa.

Often, I bring back single malts, but two years ago we were in Bassano del Grappa, in the Veneto. I was amazed by the variety of different Grappe (I have a picture of a store's window with at least 100 different flavors). Now, Bassano del Grappa is worth a day trip even if you are a tea totaler, but it is worth a visit to one of the two distilleries that they have. Poli was open the day we were there but the other was not. I bought my allotment right there at prices vastly below ours.

I am glad that there is one other 'ziner who shares my perverse taste, since many Italians I have met don't like Grappa better than most Americans I have given it to.


Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas