Subject: Re: Thailand
Hi Ziners, Molly, I just meant that the Jim Thompson House is so beautiful but in a rather shabby neighbourhood. As this was my first visit to Asia, I was unprepared for the poverty I saw in Bangkok with people living out their lives on the streets. Then I went to Nepal and saw even worse. So, I think people need to be aware of this. Having said that, though, I loved being in Thailand and Nepal and would return in a minute.

Judy, If the new subway is limited, I presume it doesn't connect to the airport. This would be a real bonus, getting away from the taxi drivers. As I recall, isn't there a bus service from the airport to downtown? You're absolutely right - everyone should ride in a tuk-tuk at least once and bargain heavily. We took them all the time, sometimes just to avoid the challenge of crossing a street with eight lanes of traffic. Crossing major thoroughfares in Bangkok makes crossing the Place de la Concorde in Paris at rush hour seem like child's play. Lucy, Toronto