Subject: Re: Thailand
Hi Lucy and all,

> Judy, If the new subway is limited, I presume it doesn't connect to the airport.

Not yet, unfortunately - it was slated to but they had to reduce their plans when the economy took a nose-dive. Not sure what the expected timing is now. There are buses and an 'express train' - lots of info at: We always seem to arrive and leave either very early or very late and so have often taken a taxi (always a last resort for my transportation engineer husband - wherever we are). They are now properly licensed, though, and you actually book it at a specific taxi desk as you come out of the arrivals area. As long as you make sure they use the meter - the price is relatively reasonable (under 300 baht which is about $7.50 US).

>Crossing major thoroughfares in Bangkok makes crossing the Place de la Concorde in Paris at rush hour seem like child's play.

You are right! It took me a long time to learn that you can't hesitate - you'll never get across! I finally understood that you basically have to just start walking across the road and vehicles will stop for you (they don't get points for hitting pedestrians the way they seem to in other big cities)!!

Mmm...that reminds me - I've got to call my travel agent and ask him to tell me when he next sees a special deal on flights to Bangkok - we have a voucher for three nights in a hotel in Bangkok (which expires in Nov.2004) and a long weekend there would really be a wonderful winter 'fling'!

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong