Subject: Re: Four days in Japan
Hello J Smith:

Japan is one of the most interesting places in the world. The Japanese have embraced the Western culture but the result is surprising. See the movie, Lost is Translation before you go.

Depending on what airport you are arriving, you can spend a easy 4 days in the Tokyo area. Take the fast train into the city and then a taxi to your hotel. Once you get your sea legs try the metro/train system. You can go any where for a great price.

Kyoto is definitely a must but a long trip from Tokyo for just a few days.

I suggest that you stay at a US or European hotel on your first stay and venture out on the next.

I am leaving for Tokyo tomorrow and plan to take my winter coat and gloves. It is a little warmer than Chicago weather but they have their wind chill also.

Go to all the Tokyo districts and soak in the culture.

Have fun,