Subject: Re: Thailand
Ziners, Re Judy's comment about Bangkok: I finally understood that you basically have to just start walking across the road and vehicles will stop for you (they don't get points for hitting pedestrians the way they seem to in other big cities)!!

While I didn't find this a good idea in Beijing, it did remind me of a novel way to cross a street that we learned in Kathmandu. Kanti Path is a major street in Kathmandu where traffic is somewhat undisciplined. The Nepali believe cows to be sacred. As a result, the cows roam the streets at will and while it is obviously a serious offence for a driver to hit a pedestrian, it is VERY serious for a driver to hit a cow. So what's a traveller to do? Follow the cow. You are assured that cars will slow down to stay clear of the animal and, presto, the pedestrian can cross the street. We learned this on our first morning in Kathmandu and followed our newfound rule throughout our visit.

Isn't travelling wonderful? You learn something every day.

Lucy in Toronto - snowed in with the rest of Canada