Subject: Budget accomodations in London, Italy (Hostels & Convents etc.)
Hello All,

By the way, welcome Steve, Basil & Eunice. I recently joined this group and am currently planning a trip to London & Italy. Everyone has been very helpful.

During my research for my trip(as I am on a limited budget) I have stumbled upon a few sites with budget lodging, such as hostels, convents etc. What is so great about these sites is that they also post reviews as well. I hope this may be of some help. I will also include some of the sites that have been reccomended to me thru this site as well.

- -Please do not be put off by the name there are some great reviews and helpful info. - - - This is a small hotel in Rome that is very reasonable and has received some very favorable reviews. - This site is fantastic especially for women traveling alone.

Best of luck with your plans. Cynthia