Subject: Germany: Bamberg or Nuremberg? Plus, Rhine & Mosel Rivers

Some of you will remember I'm planning a trip to Germany for March/April. I have a new dilemma.

I was going to go to Nuremberg to see the castle, medieval walls and towers, buildings, Nazi rally grounds, etc. However, I had hoped to be there on the night of Friday,April 2. My plan was to be there for only about 22 hours, including sleep time, leaving on April 3. Because I've already made reservations in other places I don't have a lot of flexibility in my schedule at this point. Nuremberg appears to be fully booked due to a trade fair, except for a private backpackers' hostel in which I could pay double for a private room ($67), with showers and WC down the hall. (Not my idea of inexpensive hostelling.)

So, I am considering going on to Bamberg instead and missing Nuremberg altogether. Timewise, it will put me into Rothenburg on April 3 about an hour later than I'd planned with the trip to

Nuremberg. So, the train schedule isn't a big factor at this point. I found that Bamberg is a UNESCO site. I imagine there is a lot to see there, even just strolling around and looking at the architecture.

I am hoping you folks will tell me 1) what you think about seeing Bamberg instead of Nuremberg 2) what you think a person with only 21- 22 hours of time should see in Bamberg 3) or, is it worth pursuing

Nuremberg instead of Bamberg?

Your help will be most appreciated.

Ellie, I was going to go to Bacharach. However, a woman from Germany suggested that I go to Koblenz and Trier. So I'm giving up Bacharach

and staying in Koblenz (at a fortress/hostel), somwhere on the Mosel (suggestions for location?), and Trier. I also hope to get to Burg Eltz, but without a car I hear that is a bit tricky. Hopefully as I travel by train to Cologne from Trier I will get to see the Rhine. I plan to take a train that goes from Trier to Koblenz as I go to Cologne, so I hope from Koblenz the train follows the Rhine to Cologne.

I'll be looking forward to your responses.

Sincerely majeba2001 (Barbara) Rawlins, Wyoming