Subject: Re: Qantas experience/ New Zealand movies & books
Hi Angie,

We flew Qantas from LAX to Auckland last year as part of a long trip which included flights on British Airways and American Airlines. I thought Qantas had the edge on British Airways, and certainly had no complaints at all. I managed to sleep quite well as it was an overnight flight. Qantas food was very good, as airline food goes and the staff was great.

Weather in NZ in April can be a mixed bag. Particularly in the South though, it can be like the end of an Indian summer with sunshine and calm days. It will be cooling down a little. Best to bring clothes for all seasons!

As far as films go, The Last Samurai and Perfect Strangers were both filmed recently on New Zealand#s west coast. I hope you have a great time here.

Elizabeth Christchurch NZ