Subject: Re: Qantas experience/ New Zealand movies & books
Angie asked about Qantas experiences. We flew roundtrip from LAX to Australia a couple of years ago. I know Qantas has a great reputation but we were seriously disappointed. This was almost exclusively due to the size of the seats and leg room. Incredibly for a fourteen hour flight these were about the same as I've experience for 2.5 hour flight from Hartford to Florida on Delta discount flight. You couldn't hold up a newspaper without hitting the head of the person in front of you. to make matters worse the return flight was 100% full and we had the last row of seats (the ones that don't go back) and the middle two in the middle section of four.

The flights were pretty much on time and the flight attendants were OK. But I expect an airline like this to be especially sensitive to the comfort of long haul passengers. Instead they were (like everyone else) concerned first and foremost with maximizing their passenger load.

Of course there's not too much competition on these routes and we still had a terrific time in Australia. I'm sure you will in NZ too. And maybe you'll catch an empty seat next to you!