Subject: Airline fare price reductions and credit vouchers
Hey all,

I know this subject has been discussed in the past but I feel so good about saving $92.00(US) that I thought I'd float this reminder.

If you've purchased plane tickets, be sure to periodically check to see if your airline has reduced the fare, because you can probably get a credit voucher for the difference in price (I know that United does this) as long as other fare requirements are still valid, such as advance purchase, etc.

I had purchased two round trip tickets last month, San Francisco- London for May at a price of $632.00 each. Lo-and-behold, yesterday United lowered the price to $586.00, so I called them and they issued me two credit vouchers for $46.00 each, with no changes to the flight or anything else. I'm going to keep checking because if they lower the price again before we leave, I know that they'll send me additional credit vouchers (this has happened in the past.)

Regards, Al Sonoma, CA, USA