Subject: Re: Qantas experience/ New Zealand movies & books
Dear 'Ziners, Yup, I'd rate Qantas (long haul) international flights as some of the best, decent seats, facilities and excellent, friendly crew. Last time I went, I got a bonus 2 packs of cards and 2 Qantas Kangaroo stick-pins with a bottle of tangerine vodka (present, honest); I have absolutely no idea why! - I guess the crew were feeling extra nice, or they wanted to confuse a j-lagged Pom....still, it stopped any Whinging before it started...

The book that first made me want to go was called[either] Geordie amomng the mountains or Geordie among the kiwi's. True story from ?1950+, guy went over , climbed mountains and trained kestrels etc - all self-taught. Fantastic!

Have a good 'un! Stewart, London, UK, windy (not me - the weather)