Subject: Re: Qantas experience/ New Zealand movies & books
Hi Angie,

I pretty much always fly Qantas except for the odd code share on Air France or the like which means I've done some serious frequent flyer miles to and from the USA, Canada, England and Europe (and NZ!).

I've always been happy with the Qantas flights - the food, the friendly service, and the safety record is a bonus :) (It's been a while since I've flown (2001) but back then in Economy you didn't have the individual TV monitors in the head rest in front of you if that's of any interest. I personally prefer the TVs in the aisle and I always request an aisle seat.)

Obviously patriotism comes in there a bit - nothing like seeing the Flying Kangaroo ready to bring me home.

You'll have a wonderful time in NZ - I spent 2 weeks in the bottom half of the South Island in October 2000 and have many fond memories. :) Megan Brisbane, Australia