Subject: : 1.5 days out of Christchurch NZ?
Hi Ziners familiar with NZ,

My husband has just accepted a last minute invitation to a conference in Christchurch in March and we've decided to splurge some airline points for me to join him. It'll be a quick trip (just 5 days) but....we decided it's worth it.

His conference is the 10-11 March and we'll have the 12 and 13th to travel outside of Christchurch before returning there the evening of the 13th in order to catch an early morning flight back to Hong Kong on the 14th.

We expect to be back so this will just give us a taste of NZ. We're wine lovers and would love to visit some wineries but...we're also drawn to the beauty of the Queenstown or West Coast areas. With such a short amount of time - where do you think would be the best place for us to go on this our first quick trip to NZ???

Many thanks! Judy in Hong Kong