Subject: Re: Qantas experience/New Zealand movies & books
G'day Angie and fellow Ziners, Sorry Rick had such a bad experience with Qantas. We are people on the short side, so room is not normally a problem for us on just about any airplane. However, we have never known anyone who complained about 747 seats. We thoroughly enjoy flying Qantas, even though United is our FF program. The meals are above average to our taste, and the service is excellent. We last flew on Qantas in October this year. The airport in Auckland is so simple to figure out that we were amazed. They have a amphitheatre-like group of cushy seats at the arrival gate. Wonderful to wait for your arriving friends and just people watching. (It is also right next to a McDonalds for early breakfast while you wait.) As far as the weather in April (late Fall), expect it to be cold and rainy. It rains a lot in New Zealand, which is why it is so green. The country is called the Land with the long white cloud, but from our experience in October, we thought it should be Land of the long rain cloud. Because the land is so lush, you will see some 60 million sheep, 10 million deer (they are farmed) and God only knows how many cows (it is a large dairy producing country). You should enjoy New Zealand, despite its weather. We did. Have fun and safe travelling to everyone. Marghe and Marghe in Coral Cove, AU