Subject: Where would you go...
Hi Ziners!

Ron and I are re-thinking our trip to Europe this summer. Specifically Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Prague. It's our top choice if we can get the $$$ together, but we are also talking about trying someplace new that has a better exchange rate.

Soooo...if you could go somewhere for about 4 weeks in July, within a limited budget, where would you go? We'd like to head out of the US. We were thinking about looking into South America, Asia, or New Zealand. We are pretty open right now, since the only place we've been is Europe. We're also torn between travelling from town to town or staying put and taking day trips from a centrally located place.

I know it's a pretty broad question, but I'm hoping to get some ideas on less expensive (but still culturally different) vacation spots.

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Ellie Purvis Northern California