Subject: Re: Where would you go...
Hi Ellie, Asia...hands down. Maybe I'm a bit biased (!) but...especially if you enjoy hot weather (on holidays) - this is where it's at!

Cathay Pacific has a great deal called the All Asia pass for $999 which gives you the opportunity to go to 17 different cities around Asia. You certainly won't be able to do that in 4 weeks but could enjoy a few days in the larger cities and then pick one or two (cheaper and more relaxed) places to stay put for a longer period.

Unfortunately, July isn't the best time for most of Asia weather-wise (it's pretty darn rainy here in HK) but it's really not too bad in many parts. Here are representative averages (High/Low/Rainfall) in just a few places in July:

Bali 83 76 2 Hanoi 90 80 0 Cambodia 90 76 6 Singapore 87 75 5 Bangkok 90 78 6 Phuket/KoSamui 87 77 10 Hong Kong 90 80 14

I (and, I'm sure other Ziners) would be happy to provide lots more info on the region to help you choose places if you decide to come to Asia.

Cheers! Judy in (rainy and chilly) Hong Kong